About Us

We want everyone who uses us or is thinking about using us for the first time to feel safe and comfortable in the knowledge that you are going to be looked after and that your car will be in as good as, if not better condition than it was before you brought it in.

So whether you are reading this before you call in or are taking a more in depth look at us while we see to your car, we hope you find all the answers and reassurance you are looking for and as always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

With Thanks, Gareth Rayner (Owner)

Meet The Team

Gareth Rayner

Im Gareth and Im the sole owner of Elite Accident Repair Centre in Batley which I cofounded over 9 years ago with a former business partner. I’ve written an in depth story about how we work and why I started underneath. Outside of work I am a proud father to 3 kids and a competitive cyclist.

Why I started this business and How We Work….

I started this business over 9 years ago with my business partner at the time who since emigrated leaving me as the sole owner. The reasons we started the business are the same principles I hold strongly today.